Program Settings

To open program settings

1.Open Dr.Web menu Dr.Web icon, then select Security Center.

2.Make sure Dr.Web operates in administrator mode (the lock at the bottom of the program window is open ). Otherwise, click the lock .

3.At the top of the program window, click Settings.

4.Window with the settings opens.


If you enable the Protect Dr.Web settings with a password option in the general settings, you are prompted to enter the password to access the main Dr.Web settings.

In this section:

General—protect settings with password, select a language, select a color theme, and import or export settings.

Notifications—configure parameters to display pop-ups and to receive notifications by email.

Update—change source or frequency of updates and create an update mirror.

Network—configure the proxy server connection or scanning of data transmitted over secure protocols.

Self-Protection—configure advanced security parameters.

Dr.Web Cloud—configure access to the Doctor Web cloud services.

Anti-Virus Network—configure remote access to Dr.Web installed on your computer.

File Scan Options—configure Scanner parameters.