Appendix D. Main Terms and Concepts


Administrative mode is a Dr.Web mode in which the user has an access to all the security components parameters and to the program settings. To switch to the administrative mode, click the lock .

Anti-virus Network is a complex of computers with Dr.Web product installed (Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows, Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows Servers, or Dr.Web Security Space) that are connected to one local network.


Bus is a communication subsystem for transferring data between functional units of the computer (for example, the USB).


Device classes are the devices that perform the same functions (e.g., printing devices).

Digital signature is an attribute of a digital document that is meant to protect the document from forgery. It is generated by cryptographic transformation of information with a use of a private key of digital signature and allows to identify the owner of the certificate private key and to verify that the transmitted digital document was not altered.


Emulation is an imitation of a system operation by means of another system without the loss in functionality and distortion of results throughout the use of special computer programs.

Exploit is a program, code fragment or a sequence of commands that use software vulnerabilities to attack the system.


Hash value is a unique file identifier i.e. sequence of numbers and letters of a given length. Hash is used to verify data integrity.

Heuristic is an assumption, the statistical significance of which is confirmed experimentally.


Modification of a virus is a code resulting from such alteration of a known virus which can still be detected but cannot be cured with the algorithms applied to the initial virus.


Signature (virus entry) is a finite continuous sequence of bytes that is necessary and sufficient to identify a specific virus.


Trusted applications are those applications whose digital signatures have been added to the list of trusted signatures in drwbase.db. the list of trusted applications includes the popular software such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft applications and so on.


Update mirror is a folder to which the update files are copied. The update mirror can be used as a Dr.Web update source for other computers of the local network that are not connected to the Internet.