Program Components

Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino is a complex anti-virus package which consists of several complementary components that interact with each other to ensure a high level of anti-virus protection.

Monitor scans all incoming and outbound messages in real-time mode as they are processed by the Lotus Domino server. As soon as the message is scanned and considered safe, it is sent to the receiver. If a message contains infected or suspicious objects, the corresponding pre-defined action is applied (see Monitor Settings).

Scanner is used to periodically scan documents in the selected NSF databases. It is launched according to schedule or manually and, like Monitor, applies pre-defined actions to infected and suspicious objects (see Scanning Lotus Domino Databases).

Quarantine is used to isolate infected and suspicious objects (see Managing Quarantine). It is a NSF database (Quarantine.nsf), located in the \DATA\DRWEB directory of the Lotus Domino server. Quarantined objects can be accessed from the Administrator Console database (DrWebAdmin.nsf).

Automatic Updating Utility is designed to automatically update virus databases. The Updater downloads copies of virus databases via the internet, from a local network directory, or a server. There are two ways to start the updater: automatic launch and via the command line (see Updating Virus Databases).

The Anti-spam component scans all messages incoming via SMTP in real-time mode as they are processed by the Lotus Domino server (see Anti-spam Settings). It uses special algorithms based on the detection of spam features in email messages to determine whether the message is spam or not. If the component determines that a message is spam, a pre-defined prefix is added to the message header (by default, the prefix is set to [SPAM]).

The Anti-spam component is only available in the “Anti-virus + Anti-spam” version (see Licensing).

The Statistics component saves information on the types of scanned messages and actions performed with these messages. You can view this information in order to keep track of the Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino operation (see View Statistics).

The Reports component is used to regularly send reports on the application operation to the specified addresses and according to certain criteria (see Managing Reports).

The Event Log component allows administrators of the Lotus Domino servers to effectively monitor the events which occur during operation of Dr.Web (for example, update of the virus databases, detection of viruses, configuring settings, and so on). The Event Log database (DrWebLog.nsf) can contain information from one or several Lotus Domino servers under protection of the anti-virus plug-in. Documents with event information are sent to the Event Log via internal mail system of the Lotus Domino server.

The Monitor and Anti-spam operation parameters can be configured for different profiles to suit the needs of various clients and groups. Operation of other components is configured for the whole plug-in.

You can control the operation of these components using the Administrator Console,that is, a graphical interface that can be operated either using the Lotus Notes client or a web browser (see Starting the Administrator Console).