Updating Virus Databases

The Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino virus databases are updated via the Updater module. The Updater launches according to schedule specified in the drwebupdate.bat document which is created in the Domino directory of the server address book during the installation. By default, the Updater launches every 30 minutes. The drwebupdate.bat can be edited via the Domino Administrator client.

To change the update schedule

1.Start the Lotus Domino server.

2.Start the Domino Administrator client.

3.Click the Configuration tab and select the Server item in the hierarchical menu on the left.

4.Click the Programs item in the opened submenu and select the drwebupdate.bat program in the list.

5.Click the Edit Program button at the top of the window and make the necessary changes.

The Updater can also be launched manually in the command line mode using the thedrwebupdate.bat file. In the command line mode, you can specify additional parameters (see Configuring Update Parameters).

If you are using a proxy server, configure Updater for operation via a proxy server. For that, add corresponding parameters to the drwebupdate.bat file (see Configuring Update Parameters).