Viewing Statistics

The Statistics component collects information about all the events concerning the Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino main functions (detection of infected objects, application of actions to them, spam filtering, and so on). To view this information, select the Statistics section in the hierarchical menu. The section is divided into two tabs.

The Statistics tab contains a brief summary of scanned objects, infected objects, cured objects, and so on (the statistics is updated upon every event, but no more frequently than once a minute).

The Incidents tab contains a list of documents with information about the events which occurred during application operation (virus or spam detection, and so on). Reports are generated according to these documents (see Managing Reports).

Settings in the Incidents tab are similar to those in the Quarantine section (see Managing Quarantine). You can also filter documents in the list to view only the documents with a certain date, virus type, and so on.

To filter the documents

1.Select the type of filter in the Filter drop-down list and enter the value in the field to the right.

2.Click Apply or Apply to filtered:

Apply—filters all documents of Statistics;

Apply to filtered—filters listed documents only (if the list has already been filtered).

To delete a document from the list of incidents

1.Select the document in the list.

2.Click Delete.

To delete old documents from the list of incidents

1.Set the number of days in the Cleanup group of settings.

2.Click Clear.

In the Cleanup group of settings, you can also set the time period, after which objects quarantined for more than a certain number of days will be automatically removed. Automatic removal is performed by the Automatically Delete Objects agent in the Quarantine.nsf database. By default, this agent runs on the server daily at 01:30. You can change its launch options using standard Lotus Domino tools (see IBM Lotus Domino Documentation).

To block removing the document from Quarantine

1.Select the document in the list.

2.Click Block.

Clicking it again will unlock the selected document, allowing you to remove it.

The list is automatically updated every 12 hours, but you can update it manually by clicking the Refresh button.

This process takes some time (up to a few minutes) depending on the amount of objects in the incidents list.

Click the Save button at the bottom to save the changes made in the Statistics frame.