Configuring Access to Webcams

Dr.Web protects your privacy by controlling application access to webcams connected to your computer.

To access the Webcams window

1.Open Dr.Web menu Dr.Web icon, then select Security Center.

2.In the open window, click Devices and Personal Data tile.

3.Make sure Dr.Web operates in administrator mode (the lock at the bottom of the program window is open ). Otherwise, click the lock .

4.Click the Webcams tile. A parameter window opens.

Figure 78. Access to the Webcams window

In this section:

Dr.Web reaction to application access to webcams

Access for specific applications

Dr.Web reaction to application access to webcams

In the drop-down window, select an operation mode to be applied to all applications.

Allow—applications are allowed to access webcams. This option is selected by default.

Block—applications cannot access webcams.

Ask—on every application attempt to access a webcam, you are prompted to select a further action for the application: allow or block access to the webcam.

Figure 79. Select Access Mode for Applications

Access for specific applications

To configure access rules for specific applications

1.Click the Add button.

2.In the open window, click the Browse button and select an application that you want to create a rule for.

3.Select the webcam access mode in the drop-down list.

Figure 80. Creating access rule for an application

4.Click OK.

Application list

You can edit access rules for applications.

To edit an application rule for a certain application, select a new value in the drop-down menu for this application.

To delete a rule, select an application from the list and click Delete. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Receiving notifications

When access to webcams is blocked for a process, a notification is displayed. If necessary, you can configure desktop and email notifications.