Renewing License

To renew the current license using License Manager

1.Open Dr.Web menu Dr.Web icon, then select License.

2.In License Manager window click Buy license renewal. A page on Doctor Web website, where you can renew your license with a discount, will open.

Dr.Web supports the update on the fly, thus you do not need to reinstall Dr.Web or interrupt it. To update the license, you need to activate a new license.

To activate a license

1.Open License Manager window, by selecting License in Dr.Web menu Dr.Web icon. Click Activate or buy new license.

2.In the open window enter the product serial number or go to the link or specify the key file and specify the path to the key file. Windows XP user can activate the license only using the key file.

The detailed information on license activation is available in How to activate the license section.

If the period of the license you want to renew, is over, Dr.Web will use the new license.

If the license you want to renew is still valid, than the number of days remaining will be automatically added to the new license. At the same time, the old license will be blocked, and you will receive a notification to the email address you provided during registration. It is also recommended that you remove the old license using License Manager.

If you have questions on license renewal, read FAQ  section on Doctor Web website.

Possible questions

After the license renewal I received an email that my key file will be blocked in 30 days period