To simplify management of your Lotus Domino environment, Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino allows creating groups of clients and assigning profiles to them. A profile is a set of message processing settings which determine how the protection of your Lotus Domino environment is carried out.

You can find profile settings in the Profiles section of the hierarchical menu. Each profile has the following subsections:

Notifications—notification settings that keep the administrator and other users informed about various events (for example, detection of infected or suspicious messages, attempts to cure them, filtering of messages, and so on).

Monitor—control the operation of the main virus-detection component.

Anti-spam—the Anti-spam component settings (available in the “Anti-virus + Anti-spam” version only, that is, if you have an appropriate license).

For detailed information on creating and managing profiles, see the Creating and Managing Profiles section.

Any profile can be assigned to a certain group of clients. These groups are formed in the Groups section of the hierarchical menu (see Managing Groups of Clients).