Creating and Managing Profiles

Profiles define different sets of parameters for anti-virus scanning and anti-spam filtering, actions applied to detected objects and distribution of notifications.

During Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino installation the Default profile is created. This profile remains active for all Lotus Domino clients as long as you do not specify a different one.

It is impossible to delete the Default profile. The default profile parameters are set automatically for all new profiles.

To create a new profile

1.In the hierarchical menu, click the Profiles section and select Add under the list of profiles in the right part of the main frame.

2.Enter the name of the profile and click OK.

A new profile will be created and a new item will appear in the Profiles section in the hierarchical menu.

To change the name of the profile

1.Select the profile in the hierarchical menu.

2.Enter a new value in the Name field and click Save.

The following symbols are not allowed in the name of the profile: “!”, “/”, “\”, “|”, “;”, “:”, “"”, “*”, “,”.

New profile settings are similar to the default profile.

To change parameters of the new profile

1.Select the profile in the hierarchical menu.

2.Configure parameters in the Notifications, Monitor, or Anti-spam subsections.