Notification Settings

Notifications are used to keep the administrator and other users informed about various events (detection of infected or suspicious documents, attempts to cure them, filtering of spam messages, and so on).

By default, all notifications are disabled.

To configure mail notifications

1.Select the profile in the hierarchical menu.

2.Go to the Notifications subsection and choose the Mail item.

3.Select the type of events you want to configure notifications for:

Cured—the infected object is detected and cured;

Not Cured—the detected object cannot be cured;

Not Checked—the message could not be scanned;

Spam—the received email is considered as spam.

4.For each event type you can configure separate notifications for the administrator, sender and receiver. For that, switch between the corresponding tabs at the top of the frame.


5.To enable the sending of mail notifications for the necessary event type, select the Send Mail notifications check box.

6.If necessary, edit the template of mail notifications in the corresponding fields.

7.You can add macros to the notification body by clicking the Macros button and selecting the necessary ones from the list.

8.In the Sender field, you can specify the sender of the selected notification type.

9.The recipients of a certain type of notifications can be edited only in the Administrator tab. You can add users by clicking the Add button and selecting them in the Select Addresses window.

10.When you finish editing notification parameters, click Save.