Managing Groups of Clients

By default, Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino applies the parameters of the Default profile to all users. If you want to apply parameters of a different profile for certain users (see Creating and Managing Profiles), you need to include such users into a group and assign the profile to it. Thus, to simplify the management of Lotus clients, they can be divided into groups each with its own set of protection parameters.

To create a new group and assign a profile to it

1.Select the Groups item in the hierarchical menu and click the Add button under the list of groups in the main frame.

2.Choose a name for the group and click OK.

A new group will be created and a new item will appear under the Groups section in the hierarchical menu.

To change group parameters

1.Select the group to modify in the hierarchical menu and enter a new value in the Name field.

The following symbols are not allowed in the name of the group: “!”, “/”, “\”, “|”, “:”, “'’, “*”, “,”.

3.Specify the names of Lotus groups in the Members entry field via the Add button.

4.In the Profile field, select the profile you want to use for this group.

5.When you finish configuring group settings, click Save.