The Miscellaneous screen (see Figure 40) allows you to open application settings, quarantine and statistics. You can check application version number, license information, such as activation and expiration dates. Also, you can check when virus databases were last updated, and update them manually.


Figure 40. Miscellaneous


You can view license activation and expiration dates.

In this window, you can also buy and activate a new license.


The Statistics section contains the information on Dr.Web Scanner check results, enabling and disabling of SpIDer Guard, detected threats and performed actions (see Statistics section).


Quarantine is a special folder used for isolating and secure storing detected threats (see Quarantine section).

Virus databases

Dr.Web uses special virus databases to detect threats. These databases contain details and signatures of all viruses and malicious programs for devices running Android known by Doctor Web experts. Virus databases have to be regularly updated as new malicious programs appear every day. The application features a special option for updating virus databases over the Internet.


To check whether you need to update virus databases, do the following:

1.Open the Virus databases section.

2.In the opened screen, you will see update status of virus databases, and the date of the last update.

If virus databases are not up to date, you should update them manually. Select Update in the right-hand section.


You are recommended to update virus databases as soon as you install the application. This will allow Dr.Web to use the most up-to-date information about known threats. As soon as experts of the Doctor Web anti-virus laboratory discover new threats, the update for virus signatures, behavior characteristics and attributes are issued. In some cases, updates can be issued several times per hour.


The Settings section allows you to configure anti-virus components, set general application settings, enable and disable sending statistics, and restore default settings (see Dr.Web Settings on Android TV section).


On the About screen, you can view application version. It also contains links to Doctor Web official website.