Dr.Web Security Space for Android (hereinafter—Dr.Web) protects mobile devices running the Android™ operating system as well as TV sets, media players and game consoles running on the Android TV™ platform from various virus threats designed specifically for these devices.


On devices running Android TV, the central protection mode is not available. To check if your device and Dr.Web app version support the central protection mode, see Central Protection Mode.

The app features technologies of Doctor Web that are implemented to detect and neutralize malicious objects that may harm your device and steal your personal data.

Dr.Web uses the Origins Tracing™ for Android technology that detects malware. This technology allows to detect new families of viruses using information from existing databases. Origins Tracing™ for Android can identify recompiled viruses, e.g. Android.SmsSend, Spy, as well as applications infected by Android.ADRD, Android.Geinimi, Android.DreamExploid. Names of threats detected by Origins Tracing for Android are marked as Android.VirusName.origin.

About this manual

This manual is intended to help users of devices running the Android OS to install and configure the application. It also describes its basic features.

The following symbols and text conventions are used in this guide:




Warning about possible errors or important notes to which you should pay special attention.

Anti-virus network

A new term or an accent on a term in descriptions.




Names of buttons, windows, menu items and other program interface elements.


Keyboard keys names.

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