Dr.Web compiles statistics of detected threats and application actions.

To view the statistics, on the main screen, tap Menu men and select Statistics.

Viewing statistics

The Statistics tab contains two information sections (see Figure 29):

Total. Contains the information on the total number of scanned files, detected and neutralized threats.

Actions. Contains the information on Dr.Web Scanner check results, enabling and disabling SpIDer Guard, on detected threats and performed actions.


Figure 29. Statistics

Clearing statistics

To clear all the statistics, on the Statistics tab, tap Menu men and select Clear statistics.

Saving event log

You can save application event log for further sending to Doctor Web technical support in case you experience troubles while using the application.

1.On the Statistics tab, tap Menu men and select Save log.

2.The log will be saved in DrWeb_Log.txt and DrWeb_Err.txt files located in the Android/data/com.drweb/files folder in the device internal memory.


On devices with Android 11 or later, logs will be saved in Download/DrWeb.