General Settings


Figure 32. General settings

On the General Settings screen (see Figure 32), you can use the following options:

Status bar enables and disables Dr.Web sign in the Android status bar. Using this option you can also remove Dr.Web bar from the notification area (see Notifications section).


The setting is not available on devices with Android 8.0 or later.

Notification bar allows you to define Dr.Web bar view in the notification bar. If the option is enabled, Dr.Web notification bar is used. If the option is disabled, the standard Android notification bar is used.

No threats notifications enables and disables notifications informing that no threats are detected in apps or updates that were just installed.

Sounds enables and disables sound notifications on threat detection, deletion or moving to quarantine. By default, sound notifications are enabled.

Send statistics allows you to enable and disable sending statistics to Doctor Web.

Additional options contains additional settings:

System applications allows you to enable or disable notifications on threats in system applications that cannot be safely deleted. This option is disabled by default.