To open the settings screen (see Figure 31), on the main screen, tap Menu men and select Settings.


Figure 31. Settings

If you have set a password to access application settings, enter your account password.

On the Settings screen, you can use the following options:

General Settings allows you to configure notification bar, enable and disable sound alerts and edit statistics sending preferences (see General Settings section).

SpIDer Guard allows you to configure the SpIDer Guard component, that constantly scans file system for threats and monitors changes in system area (see SpIDer Guard settings section).

Scanner allows you to configure Dr.Web Scanner that scans your device on your request (see Dr.Web Scanner settings section).

Virus database update allows you to disable virus database update over mobile networks (see Updating Virus Databases section).

Backup allows you to import and export application settings (see Backup section).

Administration allows you to switch to the central protection mode (this option is available for version downloaded from the Doctor Web website).

License allows you to enable and disable notifications on upcoming license expiration (except application versions with an unlimited license in Dr.Web Security Space Life) (see Configuring notifications on license expiration section).

Reset settings allows you to reset user settings and restore default configuration (see Resetting Settings section).


If Dr.Web Anti-theft is enabled on your device, enter Dr.Web account password to change certain application settings (Reset settings, Backup and Administration).