On devices with Android 7.0 or later, all Dr.Web notifications are grouped in one extendable notification.

On devices with Android 8.0 or later, Dr.Web notifications are separated into categories, or channels. In your device settings, you can manage behavior for each notification category separately. If you disable one of the categories, you will stop receiving all notifications from this category. All the categories are enabled by default.

Notification categories



Threat detection

Notifications on threats detected by SpIDer Guard.

Notifications on threats detected by Dr.Web Scanner.

Anti-virus protection status

If the notification bar is disabled, this category contains the following notifications:

System is protected. It is shown if SpIDer Guard is enabled and the Dr.Web Scanner scan is not started.

Notification about the Dr.Web Scanner scan type. Shown if an express, full, or custom scan is in progress.

If the notification bar is disabled and one of the Dr.Web Scanner scans is started, a message about the processing scan is shown on the notification bar.

Advanced protection status

Advanced protection components enabled. Shown if Call and SMS Filter, Dr.Web Anti-theft, or Dr.Web Firewall are enabled.

Dr.Web Agent is running. Shown in the central protection mode if Call and SMS Filter (all incoming calls and SMS are accepted), Dr.Web Anti-theft, and Dr.Web Firewall are enabled.

Agent and advanced components enabled. Shown in the central protection mode if Dr.Web Anti-theft, Dr.Web Firewall, or Call and SMS Filter are enabled.

Notifications from buddies

Notifications received from your buddies.

Protection components configuration

Configuring components… Shown when the location of your device is requested from a buddy's device if Dr.Web Anti-theft is enabled in the app version downloaded from Google Play.


Permissions required. Shown when opening the application if access to photos, media, and files has been denied. In the app version that has been received from the anti-virus network administrator of your company or from the Dr.Web Anti-virus service provider, the notification is shown when opening the application if any of the requested permissions has been denied.

License notifications:

An error occurred when verifying the license. Shown if an error occurred during the license verification. The license may be missing or not confirmed by the server.

Cannot confirm the license. Shown in the Dr.Web Security Space Life version with an unlimited license if the application does not receive the license confirmation for a long time.

Days remaining: <number of days>. Shown if your license is expiring and, in the application settings, the Notifications check box is selected.

License is expired. Shown if you use the Dr.Web Anti-virus service and your license is expired.

Please contact the anti-virus network administrator. Shown if you use the Dr.Web Anti-virus service and your license is blocked.

New Dr.Web version available. Shown in the version downloaded from the Doctor Web website if a new version is released and the New app version checkbox is selected in the application settings.

Dr.Web Anti-theft notifications:

No SIM card found.

New SIM card found.

Call and SMS filter notification All incoming calls and SMS are rejected. Shown when you enable the Reject all.

Dr.Web Firewall notifications:

Dr.Web Firewall is disabled. Shown if the VPN of Dr.Web is disconnected.

Mobile traffic limit reached. Shown if the specified mobile traffic limit is exceeded and, in the Firewall settings, the Notifications checkbox is selected.

New message. Shown if you receive a message from the anti-virus network administrator.

Group notifications

This category does not contain any specific notifications but it allows you to group all Dr.Web notifications in one extendable notification.

Notification bar

Dr.Web notification bar (see Figure 10) provides you with quick access to the application’s main features and notifies on threats as well as suspicious changes in system area. If Dr.Web detects suspicious changes in system area or threats, the notif_monitor_threats sign appears on the notification bar.


Figure 10. Notification bar


On Android TV, the notification bar is unavailable.

To enable the Dr.Web notification bar

1.On the main screen, select Menu men > Settings.

2.Select General Settings.

3.Enable the Notification bar option.


On Android 5.0 and 5.1, if Dr.Web detects suspicious changes in system area or threats, the notification bar is displayed over other applications until you apply an action to the detected object or until you swipe over the notification.


If your device does not support SIM cards, the notification bar contains the Downloads option instead of the Filter option. The Downloads option allows you to scan downloaded files.

If Dr.Web operates in the central protection mode and you do not have permissions to change the Call and SMS filter settings or the URL filter settings, the corresponding options Filter and URL filter are unavailable in the notification bar.

The notification bar allows you to:

Open the app. Tap on the icon drweb-sign.

Run express, full or custom scan by tapping Scanner.

Select a filter for incoming calls and SMS messages by tapping the Filter option.

Select website categories that you want to restrict access to. To do so, use the URL filter option.