SMS Commands


You can only send SMS commands to the devices with the installed app version from Doctor Web website.

In order for SMS commands to work on a Xiaomi phone with installed Security app, Dr.Web has to have the permission to manage SMS in this app.

You can manage Dr.Web Anti-theft remotely by sending SMS commands. SMS commands allow you to get location of your device, lock it, or delete your personal data.

You can send an SMS command as follows:

If you specify your password—from any device.

Without specifying your password—from your buddy’s phone.

We do not recommend sending SMS commands with your password to a lost or a stolen device. Cybercriminals can view the SMS with the password and unlock the device. To send an SMS command without a password add phone numbers to your buddy list in advance.

SMS commands




Locks the device.

In response to the command, you will receive an SMS message: “Dr.Web Anti-theft - The <device name> phone is locked”.


Locks the device and enables a sound alert that is impossible to switch off even by rebooting the device.

In response to the command, you will receive an SMS message: “Dr.Web Anti-theft - The <device name> phone is locked”.


Requests coordinates of the device that you will receive in an SMS message.

This SMS contains a link pointing the device location on the map.

When you tap the link, the special Doctor Web service called Dr.Web Anti-theft Locator opens a browser tab with a map and location of your device on the map. The location accuracy depends on GPS receiver, Wi-Fi networks and GSM transmitting stations. Thus, depending on the available data, the received coordinates may be exact (showing a position on the map) or approximate (showing a circle).

You can select a map service from the list at the top of the map page.


Unlocks the device without resetting Dr.Web account password.


Restores factory settings of the device and deletes all data from the device memory and an SD card.

In response to the command, you will receive an SMS message: “Dr.Web Anti-theft - Deleting data on the phone <device name>”.

This action is also performed if your device is locked and the Remove data option is enabled in the Dr.Web Anti-theft settings.


To unlock the device and set a new password. This command can be performed only if sent from a number from the Buddy list.


SMS commands are not case sensitive. For example, to lock the device, you can send the #LOCK#Password# command as #Lock#Password#, #lock#Password#, #lOck#Password#, etc.


To get more precise results after sending the #LOCATE# SMS command, enable the use of mobile networks for geolocation in your device settings.

Sending SMS commands via Dr.Web Anti-Theft

With the use of Dr.Web Anti-theft you can send SMS commands to the devices with enabled Dr.Web Anti-theft.

To send SMS command

1.On the Anti-theft screen (see Figure 18), tap any card with SMS command.

2.Tap Send SMS command.

3.On the Sending SMS command screen:

1.From the Command list, select a necessary command:

Lock device—corresponds to the #LOCK# command.

Lock device and enable sound alert—corresponds to the #SIGNAL# command.

Track device location—corresponds to the #LOCATE# command.

Unlock device—corresponds to the #UNLOCK# command.

Delete all data—corresponds to the #WIPE# command.

Unlock and set a new password—corresponds to the #RESETPASSWORD# command.

2.In the To field, specify the recipient's phone number.

3.In the Recipient's password field, enter the recipient's account password.

If your phone number is on the recipient's buddy list, you can leave the field blanc.

4.In the From list, select a SIM card, that you want to use to send the command.

The option is available on devices with two SIM cards with Android 5.1 or later.

5.Tap Send.