Push commands

What are push commands

Push commands are commands for managing Dr.Web Anti-theft that are sent over Android push notifications. Push notifications that contain push commands are not displayed on the recipient’s device but they are processed by the app.


Please note that correct operation of push-commands is not guaranteed in the version from Huawei AppGallery installed on non-Huawei devices. Since outdated mobile services might be used for sending push-commands.

What is required to use push commands

1.To send and receive push commands, the devices must be connected to the Internet.

2.The Dr.Web Security Space app must be installed on the recipient’s device. Dr.Web Security Space or Dr.Web Light—on the sender’s device.

3.Antitheft must be enabled on the recipient’s device.

4.A push command can be sent only from the device where the recipient’s buddy request has been confirmed before.

From the Dr.Web Security Space app, a buddy can send any push commands.

From the Dr.Web Light app, a buddy can unlock the recipient’s device by using the Help Your Buddy component.

To send push command

1.On the Anti-theft screen, tap Buddies.

2.Select the They trust me tab.

3.Select a buddy whose device you want to send a command to.

4.Select a command.


Delivering push commands might take up to 15 minutes.




Locate device

Get coordinates of the mobile device.

You will receive a notification with a link pointing the device location on the map.

When you tap the link, the special Doctor Web service called Dr.Web Anti-theft Locator opens a browser tab with a map and location of your device on the map. The location accuracy depends on GPS receiver, Wi-Fi networks and GSM transmitting stations. Thus, depending on the available data, the received coordinates may be exact (showing a position on the map) or approximate (showing a circle).

You can select a map service from the list at the top of the map page.

Lock device

Lock the device. To unlock it, the Dr.Web account password needs to be entered.

Lock device and turn on a sound alert

Lock the device and enable a sound alert that is impossible to switch off even by rebooting the device. To unlock it, the Dr.Web account password needs to be entered.

Remove data

Remove all data from the device. If Dr.Web is activated as an administrator on the buddy’s device, the command will restore the default device settings.

This action is also performed if your device is locked and the Remove data option is enabled in the Dr.Web Anti-theft settings.

Reset password

Unlock the device and reset Dr.Web account password. To send the command, a verification code is required. The code is displayed on the buddy’s device.