User rights are regulated by the license purchased on the Doctor Web website or through authorized partners. The license allows you to take advantage of all product features during the whole period. User rights are set in accordance with the License agreement , which conditions users accept during the program installation.

A unique serial number corresponds to each license, and a special file that regulates Dr.Web operation in accordance with license parameters is stored on the local computer. This file is called a key file. For details on the key file see the Key file section.

If you want to evaluate the product before purchasing it, you can activate a trial version. All product features and components are available during the demo period. It is possible to activate a trial version on the same computer once a year only. A special key file is generated during the activation.


A trial version cannot be activated and used on Windows XP.

License activation methods

You can activate your license in one of the following ways:

during the installation via the Installation wizard,

in any moment after the installation via the Installation wizard included in the License manager,

on the official Doctor Web website at

License activation via the Registration wizard is available using the serial number or the key file. Windows XP users can activate the license using the key file only.

For the detailed information on license activation, refer to the How to activate your license section.

Demo period

A trial license for 1 month is available for Dr.Web users. You can get the trial license right in the License manager window without entering your personal data.


A trial version cannot be activated and used on Windows XP.


If you have questions on licensing, read the FAQ  section on Doctor Web website.

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