Managing Filters

Filters are used to set general restrictions for Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino. They are set in the Filters section under the Settings menu. Filters contains two tabs.

The Database tab allows you to specify the list of NSF databases that should be included or excluded from being scanned by Monitor.

The Anti-spam tab allows you to specify black and white lists of email addresses.

The lists can be specified manually (in the corresponding tabs of the Filters subsection) or imported from a text file. For the lists of included/excluded databases, the file should contain paths with filenames or masks (in the DATA directory), each starting on a new line, for example, mail/gendir.nsf, trustbase/*.nsf. For black/white anti-spam lists, the file should contain email addresses or masks, each starting from a new line, for example,, *,

To import data from the file to the list

1.Select the Settings section in the hierarchical menu and open the Filters subsection.

2.Click the Import\Export button in the lower part of the section.

3.Select the list type where you want to import the necessary data.

4.Specify the path and file name.

5.Click Import.

On the Results tab, you can view information and statistics on the last imported file.