Filtering Databases

A monitor is a Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino component, which by default scans all the NSF databases on-the-fly, except for some Lotus Domino server service databases (see Which databases are never scanned for viruses?). Using the Include and Exclude lists in the Database tab of the Filters section under Settings, you can set your own restrictions for the Monitor.

The Include and Exclude lists affect only the Monitor operation and are not applied to manual or scheduled tasks for scanning the NSF databases (see Scanning Lotus Notes Databases).

To configure Lotus Domino database filter

1.Select the Settings section in the hierarchical menu and open the Filters subsection.

2.Select the Databases tab and select the Enable check box at the top of the tab.

3.To add a database to the list

1.)Click Add next to the corresponding list:

Include—the list of databases scanned by Monitor (databases not specified in the Include list are not scanned).

Exclude—the list of databases excluded from the Monitor scan (databases not specified in the Exclude list are scanned by Monitor).

2.)Select the database in the dialog.

3.)Click OK.

You can also list path templates, that is, paths to directories with the databases you need ending with *.nsf. For example, if you specify mail\*.nsf, all the NSF databases in the \DATA\mail server data directory will be added to the list (databases in subdirectories will not be added).

4.To delete a database from the list, click Delete.

5.To clear the list, click Clear.

6.Click Save when you finish editing the list. Changes will take effect within 1 minute after you save them.