Black and White Lists of Addresses

You can configure black and white lists of untrusted and trusted email addresses on the Anti-spam tab at the top of the Filters frame (the Settings item).

To make up address lists

1.To add an address to a list

1.)Select the Enable check box.

2.)Enter an address or domain name in the field below a corresponding list.

3.)Click Add.

All messages from the white list of addresses are not scanned for spam. All messages from the black list of addresses will be considered as Certainly spam and the actions specified in the Anti-spam section will be applied.

You can add email addresses and domain names to the black and white lists using templates, that is, the “*” symbol. Templates allow you to specify ranges of addresses or domains (for example, * means any address from the domain).

2.To delete an address from a list, select it and click Delete.

3.To clear the list, click Clear.

4.Click Save when you finish editing the lists. Changes will take effect within 1 minute after you save them.