Parental Control

Using Parental Control, the Dr.Web account owner can restrict access to any application installed on your device and to the Dr.Web components’ settings.

Note that Parental Control restricts the usage of a finger print instead of the Dr.Web account password, except when your device is locked.


You cannot open the blocked apps in split-screen mode.

Enabling Parental Control

To enable Parental Control:

1.On the application main screen, select Parental Control.

2.On the Parental Control screen, tap Enable.

3.If Dr.Web account is not created on your device, create it.

If the account is created, enter your account password. If you enter an incorrect password 10 times in a row, the password field will be temporarily blocked. You will see how much time is left until the next attempt.

4.If Dr.Web is not a device administrator, activate the app as an administrator:

To avoid unwanted app deletion.

To allow Dr.Web Anti-theft to reset device settings to default. This protects your personal data if the device is lost or stolen.

Configuring Parental Control


Figure 19. Parental Control. Apps and Components tabs


The Apps tab contains a list of all applications installed on the device. To restrict access to an application, select the check box next to it. To allow access to the application again, clear the check box.

In an attempt to open a restricted application, you will see a lock screen allowing to enter a password. To access the application, enter Dr.Web account password.


The Components tab contains a list of Dr.Web components you can restrict access to:

URL filter. Allows the account owner to restrict access to specific websites and webpages, as well as to the website categories (e.g., Drugs, Weapons, Terrorism, Adult content, etc.).

Call and SMS filter. Allows the account owner to configure lists of phone numbers a user of the device will be able to receive calls and messages from. For example, you can allow calls and SMS messages from specific numbers or only from numbers listed in contacts.

Dr.Web settings. Allows the account owner to restrict access to Dr.Web settings for a user. For example, a user will not be able to reset Dr.Web settings without the account password.

Disabling Parental Control

To disable Parental Control

1.On the application main screen, tap Parental Control.

2.Enter your Dr.Web account password.

3.Tap the switcher in the top right-hand corner and tap OK.