Dr.Web Account

Dr.Web account protects access to Dr.Web components and device settings with a password.

Dr.Web account password is required:

To access the following Dr.Web components:

Dr.Web Anti-theft.

Parental Control.

To access the following application settings if Dr.Web Anti-theft is enabled:

Reset settings.



To access the following settings of your device if Dr.Web Anti-theft is enabled:

Settings Settings_30027 > Apps or Application manager > drweb-sign Dr.Web Security Space (for Android 6.0 or later).

Settings Settings_30027 > Accessibility features.

Settings Settings_30027 > Privacy > Location (for Android 6.0 or later).

Settings Settings_30027 > Privacy > Device Administrators > drweb-sign Dr.Web Security Space.

Settings Settings_30027 > Advanced Settings > Reset Settings (settings name and location depend on your device).


On Xiaomi devices, the password is also required to access the Restrict data usage setting.

You can protect access to Call and SMS filter, URL filter, and Dr.Web settings with your password (see Parental Control section).

Creating Dr.Web account

1.Tap Menu men in the top right-hand corner of the application main screen.

2.Select the Account option.

3.On the Account screen, tap Create.

4.Enter your email address.

The email can be useful later if you forget your password. So enter the email, to which you have access.

Note that you will not be able to change your email after signing up. To use another email, you will have to delete the account and create it again with a new email.


A working Internet connection is required for registering the email address.

5.Tap Next.

6.Set a password. The password must contain at least 4 characters.

7.Confirm the password and tap Next.

On the next screen, you will see a notification confirming that your account is created and registered successfully.

8.Tap Finish.

Managing your account


Figure 12. Account

On the Account screen (see Figure 12), you can do the following:

Change your password.

Set a new password if you have forgotten your current one.

Delete your account.


After you delete your account, Anti-theft and Parental Control will be deleted and their settings will be reset.