Dr.Web Firewall Log

To open the list of all the events related to the Dr.Web Firewall operation, at the top right of the Firewall screen, tap Menu men and select Log.

To find the necessary records faster, use the sorting and fast scrolling (by moving a special graphical element in the right side of the screen) features.

To sort log records

1.On the Log screen, tap Menu menu_bw.

2.Select the sorting criterion.

You can review the following information for each event in the log:

Connection date and time (for TCP) or the time required to receive the packets with the corresponding traffic amount (for UDP). For example, 18/02/2014 2:07:11 - 18/02/2014 2:07:12.

Local address and port. For example, src:

Incoming and outgoing traffic (in bytes) or the number of blocked packets. For example, in:103 out:112 or blocked packets:1.

Application ID related to the traffic on the device (User ID). For example, uid=10071.

To copy an address

1.Tap and hold address line on the log screen to enter a copying mode. Addresses available for copying are highlighted with gray.

2.Tap the necessary address, then tap the copy icon in the top right-hand corner. The address will be copied to the clipboard.

To exit the copying mode, tap the back icon in the top left-hand corner.

To clear the log

1.On the Firewall screen, tap Menu men and select Clear.

2.In the next window, select the Clear log check box and tap OK.

Log file size

By default, the maximum size for the log file is set to 5 MB. To change the maximum size for the log:

1.On the Firewall screen, tap Menu men and select Clear.

2.In the opened window, enter a new value in the Maximum log size field and tap OK.


The maximum log file size must exceed 0 MB.