Connection Rules

On the Application settings screen, you can set up the rules for the application connections to certain IP addresses and ports.

Creating rules

1.In the Rules for IP addresses and ports section, tap Add rule. You can add allowing or blocking rules depending on the selected option:

Block connections from the list—a blocking rule.

Allow only the connections from the list—an allowing rule.

2.In the opened window, enter a valid IP address in the Server address field (in the a.b.c.d format), an IP addresses range (in the a1.b1.c1.d1-a2.b2.c2.d2 format) or a network (in the a.b.c.0/n format, where n is a number from 1 to 32) or leave this field blank (in this case entering the port is obligatory).

Enter the valid port in the Port field or leave it blank (in this case entering the IP address is obligatory). If you leave one of the fields blank, the rule will be valid for all the IP addresses or ports respectively. Tap OK to save the rule.

If you have selected the Allow only the connections from the list option, but have added no addresses to the list, the application will block all connections.

3.To edit an existing rule, tap and hold it, then tap Edit.

You can also add allowing and blocking rules when you view the applications logs or the list of current Internet connections.

Deleting rules

To delete a rule

Swipe the rule to the left.

To delete several rules

1.Tap and hold one list.

2.After a vibration, tap other rules you need to delete.

3.Tap the delete_black icon in the top right corner.

To delete all rules for a certain application

1.On the Applications tab of the Firewall screen, select the application (see Figure 24).

2.On the Application settings screen, tap Menu menu_bw and select Clear.

3.In the opened window, select the Clear rules for this app check box. Tap OK.

To delete all rules for all applications

1.On the Firewall screen, tap Menu men and select Clear.

2.In the opened window, select the Clear rules for apps check box. Tap OK.

Allowing incoming connections

To allow incoming connections for an application:

1.On the Applications tab (see Figure 24), select the application to allow incoming connections for.

2.On the Application settings screen, tap Menu menu_bw.

3.Select the Allow incoming connections check box.

The information on the connections from any external addresses with the port opened by the application is only partially added to the application log and firewall statistics. Moreover, any connections with such addresses may be excluded from firewall check for all other applications. This operation mode is not safe and should not be used.

Allowing the incoming connections is useful in case the firewall cannot be disabled by other means, for example, when a server receiving connections from external networks is configured on the device.