Enabling Dr.Web Anti-Theft

1.On the application main screen, select Anti-theft.

2.On the Anti-theft screen, tap Enable.

3.If it is the first time you enable Dr.Web Anti-theft, allow the app to access Android accessibility features as well as your device features and data.


If you use the app version downloaded from Doctor Web website on a Xiaomi phone with installed Security app, grant Dr.Web the permission to manage SMS messages in this app.

Dr.Web Anti-theft works only if all permissions are granted.

4.If Dr.Web account is not created on your device, create it.

If the account is already created, enter your account password. If you enter an incorrect password 10 times in a row, the password field will be temporarily blocked. You will see how much time is left until the next attempt.

5.If Dr.Web is not a device administrator, activate the app as an administrator:

To avoid unwanted app deletion.

To allow Dr.Web Anti-theft to reset device settings to default. This protects your personal data if the device is lost or stolen.

6.To add buddies, tap the add icon. Buddies help you manage your device remotely if the device is lost or stolen or if you forget your Dr.Web account password. Tap Next.

7.Edit the text that will be displayed on locked screen. You can also specify how to contact you to return the device to you here. Tap Next.

8.Edit the notification text that your buddies will receive if Dr.Web Anti-theft locks your device and you forget your password. Tap Next.

9.Enable the necessary settings and tap Finish.