Report Wizard

When contacting Doctor Web technical support, you can generate a report on your operating system and Dr.Web operation.

To generate a report

1.Open the menu .

2.Go to Tools.

3.Select Support.

Figure 16. Support

4.Click the Report for technical support link.

5.In the open window, click Generate report.

Figure 17. Generating a report

The report will be generated automatically and saved as an archive in the Doctor Web subfolder of the %USERPROFILE% folder.

To build the report, click the corresponding button. The report will include the following information:

1.Technical information about the operating system:

General information about your computer

Running processes

Scheduled tasks

Services, drivers

Default browser

Installed applications


HOSTS file

DNS servers

System event log

System directories

Registry branches

Winsock providers

Network connections

Dr.Watson logs

Performance index

2.Information about Dr.Web anti-virus solutions.

3.Information about the Dr.Web plug-ins:

Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino

Dr.Web for Kerio MailServer

Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute

Information about Dr.Web anti-virus solutions is located in Event Viewer, in Application and Services Logs Doctor Web.

Report generation from command line

To generate a report, use the following command:


Example dwsysinfo.exe /auto

The report will be stored as an archive in the Doctor Web subfolder of the %USERPROFILE% folder.

You can also use the command:

/auto/report: [<full path to the archive>]


<full path to the archive>path to the report file.

Example dwsysinfo.exe /auto /report:C:\