Program Installation

Before Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino installation it is strongly recommended that you

1.Install all critical updates released by Microsoft for the Windows version used on your computer (all the updates are available at the company update website at

2.Check the file system with the system utilities and remove the detected errors.

To install the anti-virus application

1.Shut down the Lotus Domino server.

2.Uninstall previous versions of the application and any other anti-virus software for IBM Lotus Domino on your computer using standard Windows tools.

3.Run the installation file drweb-[version]-av-lotus-windows.exe. Installation wizard opens. Click Next.

4.A window with the text of the License Agreement opens. To continue installation, read it and select I accept the terms of the license agreement. Click Next.

5.If Dr.Web Agent is installed on your computer, in the next window specify the license type. You can use the local key file. Click Next.

6.If in the previous step you selected Use local key file or Dr.Web Agent is not installed, specify the path to the license key file. For this, click Browse and select the appropriate file in the file system explorer. Click Next.

7.A window with the list of Lotus Domino servers on which you wish to install the plug-in opens.

To add the necessary server to the list, click Browse and select the notes.ini file of the server.

To clear the list of servers, click Clear list. When you finish selecting the necessary Lotus Domino servers, click Next.

8.The installation program shows the list of Lotus Domino servers on which the plug-in will be installed. Click Continue.

9.In the next window, click Install to start the installation.

10.At the end of the installation, reboot the computer.

When installing Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino on several servers in one Domino domain, it is necessary to replicate the server address book (the names.nsf database which can be found in the DATA directory of the Lotus Domino server) to all other Lotus Domino servers in the domain after every installation. If you do not replicate the database, duplicates of the DrWeb Admin group will appear in the server address book and it will be impossible to send mail notifications to the application administrator.

To remove the duplicate of the DrWeb Admin group in the address directory

1.Move users from one DrWeb Admin group to another by editing the group document in the names.nsf database.

2.Remove the empty duplicate of the Drweb Admin group.

3.Replicate the names.nsf database to all Lotus Domino servers in the domain (see the IBM Lotus Domino documentation at