Post-Installation Setup

After Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino installation, it is necessary to sign new Lotus Domino server databases used by application. Otherwise, the plug-in will not be able to automatically generate reports and clean the Quarantine.

To sign the databases

1.Make sure you have administrator rights for the Lotus Domino server.

2.Start the Lotus Domino server.

3.Start the Domino Administrator client.

4.Select Open Server in the File menu and specify the server where the application is installed.

5.On the Files tab, select all the Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino databases located in the \DATA\DRWEB directory:








6.Right-click the necessary databases and select Sign or click the Sign button in the Tools → Database menu in the right part of the Domino Administrator client.

7.Select Active Server's ID in the Sign Database window and click OK.