Processing Application Traffic on Android TV

Dr.Web Firewall filters traffic on the application level and, therefore, controls the access of applications to network resources. To view the information on the Internet traffic of applications installed on your mobile device, as well as to configure the connection rules for them, open the Applications tab (see Figure 37).

On the Applications tab, you can review the total amount of data transferred over the network and the amount of sent and received data. You can view the list of applications (and application groups) as well as the amount of spent traffic for each of them.

To open the list of all applications installed on your device, including those without any Internet traffic, on the Applications tab, select Menu men and select the All applications check box.

If the application settings are changed, this application is marked with the changed_settings sign.


Figure 37. Applications tab

Application settings

To open application (or application group) settings, select the necessary application (application group) from the list.

Do not control the app


The setting is not available for some system applications.

Dr.Web Firewall is based on VPN for Android technology. VPN prevents apps from functioning if they use a technology which is incompatible with VPN, e.g. Wi-Fi Direct. It can result in inability to connect your device to other devices. In this case, you should not disable Dr.Web Firewall completely. Disable Dr.Web Firewall control for the necessary application (or application group) instead:

1.On the Applications tab (see Figure 37), select the application (or application group).

2.On the Application settings screen, select Menu menu_bw.

3.Select Do not control the app.

You are recommended to disable Dr.Web Firewall control only for the trusted applications.

When the option is enabled, Dr.Web Firewall does not control network connections of the app even if you set up the limitations in the Dr.Web Firewall settings. The app traffic is not metered.

Access to data transmission

You can enable/disable the use of Wi-Fi for each application in the list using the corresponding option in the Access to data transmission section.


Internet usage statistics are shown in the Statistics section as a chart.

Rules for IP addresses and ports

You can configure connection rules for selected application (or application group) in the Connection Rules section.

Application log

Events related to the network activity of the applications installed on the device are logged in the applications logs.