Dr.Web Firewall on Android TV

Dr.Web Firewall protects your mobile device from unauthorized access and prevents leak of vital data through networks. This component monitors connection attempts and data transfers over the Internet, and helps you block unwanted or suspicious connections.

Dr.Web Firewall Features

Dr.Web Firewall is based on VPN for Android technology, so it does not require root access on the device. However, the VPN for Android technology sets a number of limits:

First, only one application can use VPN at a time. Before enabling VPN, the application prompts you to provide it relevant permissions. If you give these permissions, the application starts using VPN, but it blocks access to VPN for other applications. Dr.Web Firewall requests VPN permissions every time you enable the component, after the device reboot, and after VPN requests from other applications. VPN is shared among the applications over time. Dr.Web Firewall can operate only when it gets full rights to use VPN.

Enabling Dr.Web Firewall can result in inability to connect the device on which Dr.Web Firewall runs to other devices directly using Wi-Fi or local network. It depends on the device model and applications which are used to establish a connection between devices.

When Dr.Web Firewall is enabled, you cannot use your device as a Wi-Fi access point.


Dr.Web Firewall uses the VPN for Android technology only to perform its functions, without creating VPN tunnel, so the traffic is not encrypted.

To enable Dr.Web Firewall

1.On the main application screen (see Figure 35), select Firewall.

2.Select Enable or use the toggle button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. By default, Dr.Web Firewall is disabled. Dr.Web request permission to use VPN. The permission is mandatory for Dr.Web Firewall operation.


If another application gets the rights to use VPN during Dr.Web Firewall operation, the component will be disabled.


If you use a restricted profile (guest profile) on your device, Dr.Web Firewall is disabled.


Figure 35. Dr.Web Firewall on Android TV