Dr.Web Features

Dr.Web performs the following features:

Provides a real-time protection of your file system (scans files and apps when you install or download them, etc.).

Scans the entire file system or selected files and folders on your demand.

Scans archives.

Scans files on SD cards or other removable media.

Monitors changes in system area.

Quarantines threats or completely removes them from your device.

Unlocks your device if it is locked by ransomware.

Filters incoming calls and SMS messages (SMS filtering does not work in app versions that are installed from Google Play).

Downloads Dr.Web virus database updates from the Internet.

Gathers statistics on detected threats and performed actions; keeps the app log.

Detects device location and locks its functions remotely in case it has been lost or stolen.

Restricts access to specific websites and website categories in an embedded Android browser, Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Adblock Browser, Dolphin Browser, Sputnik, and Boat Browser.

Analyzes device security and helps eliminate detected problems and vulnerabilities.

Controls Internet connections to protect your device from unauthorized access, and prevents leakage of personal data through networks.

Restricts access to applications installed on your device.

Enables safe search in the main search systems.


Some of the listed features are not available for the application installed on Android TV devices.