Installing Dr.Web

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You can install Dr.Web either from Google Play, by launching the application installation file on the device, or by synchronizing your device with a computer.

Installing app from Google Play

Before installing the application from Google Play, make sure that:

You have a Google account.

You have logged in your Google account from your device.

Your device is connected to the Internet.

Your device meets basic system requirements.


If your device does not meet the system requirements, Dr.Web will not be displayed in the list of applications in Google Play.

To install the application:

1.On your device, open Google Play, find Dr.Web in the list of applications and tap Download. or Purchase (if you want to install Dr.Web Security Space Life version with an unlimited license).

If you have selected Dr.Web Security Space Life with an unlimited license, you will be prompted complete the purchase.

2.On the next screen, you will be prompted to provide access to necessary features and data on your device.

Make yourself familiar with the list of required permissions and tap Accept.

3.Tap Open to start using the application.

For further operation, you need to obtain a paid or a demo license (except Dr.Web Security Space Life).

Installing app from Doctor Web website

To install the application not from Google Play, you need to allow the device to install applications from unknown sources. To do so, select the Unknown sources check box in the device Settings Settings_30027 -> Security screen.

The installation file of Dr.Web is available for downloading on the Doctor Web website at

Installing the application from the installation file on the device

1.Copy the installation file to the device.

2.Use a file manager to find and launch the installation file.

3.Tap Install.

4.Tap Open to start working with the application.

Tap Finish to close the installation window and return to the application later.

For further operation, you need to activate a paid or a demo license.

Synchronizing device with computer

Install the application by synchronizing the device with computer using special synchronization software (e.g., HTC Sync™ etc.).

1.Synchronize your device with your computer.

2.Launch the installation manager included into the synchronization software package.

3.Specify the path to the file located on the computer, then follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

4.The application will be copied to the device where you can review the information on it and confirm the installation.

5.Close the installation wizard.

Dr.Web is successfully installed on your device and is ready to use.

For further operation, you need to activate a paid or a demo license.