Release Notes for Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate 6.00.0

Last updated on 08.06.2010



Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate is a plug-in designed to protect the corporate Internet traffic and mail systems against viruses and spam. The plug-in integrates into Qbik WinGate proxy server and checks the HTTP/POP3/FTP traffic and SMTP server.

With the use of the plug-in, Qbik WinGate proxy server incorporates the latest and most advanced anti-virus technologies of Doctor Web aimed to detect the malicious objects which may present a threat to network operation and information security.

Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate checks the Internet traffic transferred via HTTP/POP3/FTP protocols and SMTP server for viruses, dialer programs, adware, riskware, hacktools and joke programs. On detection of security threats, they are treated according to the application settings.

The plug-in uses an efficient compact Anti-spam component that does not require training and allows to define different program actions for three spam categories as well as to create black and white lists of e-mail addresses.


Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate performs the following functions:

the anti-virus check of the files transferred via HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3 protocols, including the following:
e-mails and their attachments;
web traffic files downloaded via HTTP and FTP protocols.
check for spam the e-mails processed by SMTP server and POP3 proxy server services of WinGate proxy server;
malware detection;
curing of the infected files transferred via HTTP protocol;
isolation of the infected objects in Dr.Web quarantine and/or WinGate quarantine;
heuristic analyzer for additional protection against unknown viruses;
fast and efficient check;
easy settings and program status panel;
quarantine manager for secure work with the detected threats;
automatic update of virus databases.


System Requirements

To install Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate 6.00.0, your computer must meet the following minimum requirements:



Disk Space

Minimum 50 MB of disk space.

Operating System

One of the following:

Microsoft® Windows® 2000
Microsoft® Windows® XP
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 R2
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 R2
Windows Vista®

Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of operating systems are supported.

Proxy server

Qbik WinGate 6

This section reflects requirements for the Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate only. See Qbik WinGate guides for proxy server requirements. Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate operates successfully on computers which meet the Qbik WinGate requirements.


1.In case an anti-virus file guard Dr.Web SpIDer Guard operates in the system besides Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate, it is necessary to add to exclusions the Qbik WinGate file upload path in anti-virus file guard settings to enable the anti-virus check by Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate.
2.A normal operation of Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate cannot be assured in case an anti-virus product of another vendor operates in the system. For operating system protection use Dr.Web solutions for protection of workstations or of file servers (for server versions of operating systems). For detailed information on them as well as on the other Dr.Web products see the official web site at
3.Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate is not compatible with the following software:
Webroot Spy Sweeper
Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper

Installation of Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate 6.00.0

1.Copy the following files to the computer where Qbik WinGate resides:
the installation file;
license key file.
2.Run the installation file depending on the type of the operating system that is used on the computer:
drweb-QbikWinGate-600-windows-nt-x86.exe in case the 32-bit operating system is used;
drweb-QbikWinGate-600-windows-nt-x64.exe if the operating system is 64-bit.
3.Stop WinGate Engine service.
4.The window with a suggestion to choose the language of installation will appear. You can choose English or Russian language of installation. Click OK.
5.InstallShield Wizard for Qbik WinGate will open. Click Next.
6.On the License Agreement page read the Dr.Web License Agreement, select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.
7.On the License Key page enter the path to the license key file or click Browse to select the file. Click Next.
8.On the Destination Folder page enter the path to the folder where the plug-in will be installed. By default, it is the folder %ProgramFiles%\DrWeb for Qbik WinGate. If you want to choose another folder click Change and specify the path to it. Click Next.
9.On the Ready to Install the Program page click Install to start installation of Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate on your computer.
10.After the installation of Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate is completed you can launch the virus bases update by selecting the checkbox Run update. Then click Finish to exit the wizard.
11.Restart WinGate Engine service.

On completion of the plug-in installation you need to configure Qbik WinGate proxy server to use the plug-in.

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