Assistance in Resolving Problems

When contacting Doctor Web technical support , you may need to generate a report on your operating system and Dr.Web operation.

To generate a report using the Report Wizard

1.Open Dr.Web menu Dr.Web icon, then select Security Center.

2.In the open window, click Go to Report Wizard.

You can also access this window by clicking the Support button in the upper right side of the Security Center window.

Figure 128. Support

3.In the open window, click Create report.

Figure 129. Generating a report for technical support

4.Generating a report starts.

Report generation from command line

The report will be stored as an archive in the Doctor Web subfolder of the %USERPROFILE% folder. You can access the archive by clicking the Open folder button after the archive has been created.

The information included in the report

Information about Dr.Web is located in Event Viewer, in Application and Services Logs Doctor Web.