By default, the No restrictions mode is set for all users. To change these settings, select another mode from the drop-down list.

Block by categories

The same website can be assigned to several different categories. In this case, Parental Control blocks access to the site if it belongs to at least one of the categories included in restrictions list.

In this mode, you can select categories of websites to block:



Adult content

Websites that contain pornographic or erotic materials, dating sites, etc.


Websites that encourage violence or contain materials about various fatal accidents, etc.


Websites that describe weapons and explosives or provide information on their manufacturing.


Websites that provide access to online games of chance, casinos, auctions, including sites for placing bets, etc.


Websites that promote use, production or distribution of drugs, etc.

Online games

Websites that provide access to games using the permanent Internet connection.


Websites that contain aggressive and propaganda materials or terroristic attacks descriptions, etc.

Obscene language

Websites that contain the obscene language (in titles, articles, etc.).


Websites that offer a real-time transmission of text messages.


Websites that offer the possibility of free registration of a web mailbox.

Social networks

Different social networking services: general, professional, corporate, interest-based; thematic dating sites.


Websites that allow the user to hide personal information and providing the access to the blocked web resources.

Cryptocurrency mining pools

Websites that provide an access to common services for cryptocurrencies mining.

Figure 31. Managing the Internet access by websites categories

Select the corresponding check box to restrict the access to a certain website category.

In this mode you can also add websites to block or allow access to the resources regardless of other restrictions:

To restrict an access to a website that is out of any specified categories, put it into user defined black list.

To allow an access forcibly to a website, regardless if it is in one or more restricted categories, put it into user defined white list.

Block all except websites from the white list

In this mode, the access to all websites except the listed in white list is blocked.

Safe search

In any mode except the No restrictions mode, you can enable the Safe search option to manage results of search engines. This option allows to exclude unwanted webpages from search results by using the search engine tools.

To activate Safe search function, set the switch in On state.