Configuring Update Parameters

You can configure virus databases and Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino components update parameters using the C:\Program Files\DrWeb for Lotus Domino\drwupsrv.bat file.

The –c update command updates virus databases and anti-virus application components. To configure update settings, specify required parameters for –c update commands.

Parameters for the –c update command




The update type update-revision updates all components of the current revisions if the zone differs from the local repository.


Post-update is disabled. Operation of the update module will be stopped when the update operation is completed.

--verbosity arg

Log level:





If the parameter is specified, more resources will be used during execution of some commands.

-p [ --product ] arg

Apply to this product only.

If parameter is specified, all components of the product are updated. If the parameter is not specified, all products with available updates will be updated.

-g [ --proxy ] agr

Proxy server for updating. Proxy server for updating in the <address>:<port> format.

-u [ --user ] agr

Username for proxy server.

-k [ --password ] arg

Password for proxy server.

Example of the –c update command for updating virus databases using proxy server:

-c update --type=update-revision --disable-postupdate --verbosity=debug

--interactive -p BasesForLotusPlugin -p AntispamForLotusPlugin -p LotusSetup

--proxy= --user=qwerty --password=qwerty