Changes in the Lotus Domino Server Directory

During Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino installation the DrWeb Admin group is automatically created in the Lotus Domino server address directory (the names.nsf database). The group is specified in the Access Control Lists (ACL) of all the databases of the plug-in. The administrator of the server specified in the notes.ini file of the server (the Admin parameter), is added to this group by default. The administrator can also add other Lotus Domino users who will perform administrator duties to the DrWeb Admin group.

Deleting the DrWeb Admin group will lead to problems with notifications and access to databases of the plug-in.

Also, the following changes are made in the notes.ini file:

The ndrwebhook.dll value is added to the EXTMGR_ADDINS parameter.

The monitor and scanner tasks are added to the ServerTasks parameter.

The DrWebKey and DrWebBuild parameters that specify the path to the key file and the build number are added.

If you do not want the plug-in virus detection features to automatically load when you start the Lotus Domino server, delete the ndrwebhook.dll value from the EXTMGR_ADDINS parameter and the monitor and scanner values from the ServerTasks parameter.