Installing and Uninstalling appendices

Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino is supplied as an installation package drweb-[version]-av-lotus-windows.exe, where [version] is the number of the current version of the anti-virus application. Make sure that your installation package has a digital signature of Doctor Web company. To do this, see the Digital Signatures tab in the file properties.

Before installing the application analyze the configuration of your Lotus Domino environment and select a server which will serve as the center of its anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Extract the installation file to a folder on the local drive of the selected Domino server and make sure that it is accessible for LOCALSYSTEM user.

To install or uninstall Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino, you need to be in the group of local administrators on the computer where the Lotus Domino server is installed. When account control is enabled, run installation with administrative privileges using the command prompt.


The application is incompatible with other anti-virus software (see Compatibility).