Program Uninstallation

If you uninstall Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino, all your groups and profiles, scanning and report settings will be lost; the quarantine and incident database (Quarantine.nsf) will be deleted.

To uninstall the anti-virus application

1.Shut down the Lotus Domino server.

2.Run the installation file drweb-[version]-av-lotus-windows.exe. Installation wizard opens.

You can launch the Installation Wizard using the Add/Remove programs Windows utility in the Control Panel.

3.Click Remove.

4.Once uninstallation is completed, click Close.

After uninstalling the application, you must manually delete the DrWeb Admin group in the address book of the Lotus Domino server (in the names.nsf database in the server’s DATA directory) and the DrWebUpdate.bat document.

To delete the DrWebUpdate.bat document

1.Start the Lotus Domino server.

2.Start the Domino Administrator client.

3.Open the Configuration tab, select the Programs item under the Server category.

4.Select DrWebUpdate.bat in the right part of the window and delete it.