Quarantine Manager

Quarantine Manager is an instrument that allows you to manage isolated files. The quarantine contains files where the malicious objects were detected. Quarantine also stores backup copies of files processed by Dr.Web. With Quarantine Manager, you can remove, scan again, and restore isolated files.

To open the Quarantine Manager window

1.Open Dr.Web menu Dr.Web icon, then select Security Center.

2.Click the Quarantine Manager tile.

Figure 89. Objects in Quarantine

The central table lists the following information on quarantined objects:

Objects—name of the quarantined object.

Threat—malware class of the object, which is assigned by Dr.Web when the object is quarantined.

Date added—date and time when the object was moved to the Quarantine.

Path—full path to the object before it was quarantined.


Quarantine Manager displays objects that can be accessed by your user account. To view hidden objects, you need to have administrator privileges.

By default, backup copies stored in quarantine are not displayed. To view them, click More and select Show backup copies from the drop-down list.

Managing quarantined objects

In administrator mode, the following buttons are available:

The Restore (Restore) button—move one or several objects to the selected folder.


Use this action only if you are sure that the object is safe.

The Rescan (Rescan) button—scan the file in quarantine again.

The Delete (Delete) button—delete one or several objects both from quarantine and the system.

You can also access these settings by right-clicking the selected object or several selected objects.

To delete all objects from quarantine at once, click More and select Delete all in the drop-down list.


To configure storage and automatic deletion of quarantine records, go to the Quarantine Manager settings.