Quarantine Settings

To prevent the disk overuse, you can configure settings of storage of objects in quarantine, i.e. the period of storage, and to create the quarantine folder on a removable media.

To change storage settings of the detected threats

1.In the window with general settings, click the Advanced settings link.

2.In the Quarantine section, enable or disable a necessary option using the  switcher.

Figure 21. Quarantine settings

3.To enable the automatic deletion of objects from quarantine, select the time period in the drop-down menu. Objects stored more than the time specified will be deleted.

Creating quarantine on removable media

The If any threats are detected on a removable media, create quarantine on this device option allows creating a quarantine folder on removable media for threats that are detected on the removable media. When this option is enabled, detected threats are moved to the quarantine folder without being encrypted. The quarantine folder can be created only when the removable media is accessible for writing. The use of separate folders and omission of encryption on removable media prevents possible data loss.

If the option is disabled, threats that are detected on removable media are moved to quarantine on the local disk.

Automatic deletion of objects from quarantine

To prevent disk overuse, enable automatic deletion of objects from quarantine.