Configuring Components



The components can be configured if your anti-virus network administrator enables this option.

Configuring components can be done in Uninstall/Change wizard. You can open the Uninstall/Change wizard in one of two ways:

If you have an installation file, run it.

From Windows Control Panel:

1.Go to Windows Control Panel, click Programs.

2.In the list of installed programs select the line Dr.Web Agent.

3.Click Change.

To delete or add components

1.In the Uninstall/Change wizard window, click Change components:

Figure 11. Uninstall/Change wizard

2.In the open window, select check boxes of the components you want to add and clear check boxes of the components you want to remove.

3.Click Apply.

In the Uninstall/Change wizard window, the following options are also available:

Restore program, if you need to restore the anti-virus protection on your computer. This function is applied in case when some of Dr.Web components have been corrupted.

Remove program, to delete all installed components.