About the Product

Dr.Web Agent for Windows protects RAM, hard drives, and removable media of computers running Windows operating system against any kind of viruses, rootkits, Trojans, spyware, adware, hacktools, and other types of malicious objects from any external source.

Dr.Web Agent for Windows consists of several modules responsible for different functions. Scan engine and virus databases are common for all components and different platforms.

Product components are constantly updated. New threat signatures are regularly added to the virus databases, databases of website categories and rules for email spam filtration. Constant update provides an up-to-date level of protection for users’ devices, applications and data. Heuristic analysis methods implemented in the scan engine ensure an additional protection against unknown malicious software.

Dr.Web Agent for Windows can detect and remove unwanted programs: adware, dialers, jokes, riskware, and hacktools from your computer. Dr.Web uses default component features to detect unwanted programs and perform actions with the files containing them.

On the Support page, in the About section, you can find information about the product version, the last update date, and Dr.Web Agent identification number.