Scheduled Updates

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You can make a schedule on a certain Dr.Web Server to regularly check for software updates and synchronize products in the repository with new versions on another Dr.Web Server or the GUS server.

For more details on the schedule, see p. Setting Dr.Web Server Schedule.

To schedule product updates on Dr.Web Server

1.Select the Administration item in the main menu and click Dr.Web Server Task Scheduler in the control menu. The list with the current tasks of the Server will be opened.

2.To add a task, click New task on the toolbar.

3.In the opened window assign a name to the task in the Name field.

4.Go to the Action tab and select the Update action in the drop-down list.

5.In the opened list, set the flag next to those components which will be updated by this task.

6.Go to the Time tab and in the Time drop-down list, set the time span of running the task and specify time according to the time span selected.

7.Click Save to accept the changes.