Copying Repository of Other Dr.Web Server

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If Dr.Web Server is not connected to the Internet, its repository can be updated manually by copying the repository of another updated Dr.Web Server.

This method is not intended for upgrading the Server to a new version.

To deploy the updates of the repository from other Dr.Web Server

1.Update the repository of the Server connected to Internet from the section Administration → Repository State in the Control Center.

2.Export the repository or its part (necessary products) via the Control Center from the Repository Content section. At this, you must export only whose types of objects that are supported to be imported.

3.Copy the archive with exported repository on a computer with the Server to be updated.

Import downloaded repository on the Server via the Control Center from the Administration → Repository Content section.

If you use specific repository settings such as revisions froze or update the Agents only from the specified revision (not the last), when during the repository import, you must enable the Add missing revisions only option and disable the Import configuration files option.