Uninstalling or Changing the Program

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An option of the local uninstallation of Dr.Web must be allowed by  the administrator on the central protection server.


After you uninstall Dr.Web, your computer will not be protected from viruses and other malware.

Uninstalling or changing Dr.Web with standard Windows tools


This method is available only if you enabled the Register Dr.Web Agent in the list of installed programs option during the product installation.

If Dr.Web was installed in the background installation mode, uninstallation of Dr.Web with the standard Windows tools is available only if the -regagent switch was specified.



1.To uninstall Dr.Web or change its configuration by adding or removing individual components, run the standard Windows uninstall tool.

2.In the open window, select the program. To delete the program completely, click Remove and go to step 6. To change the configuration of Dr.Web by adding or removing certain components, click Edit. The window of the Installation Wizard opens.

3.To restore anti-virus protection on your computer, select Restore program.

4.To change the Dr.Web configuration, click Change components. In the open window, select check boxes of the components you want to add and clear check boxes of the components you want to remove. When you finish adjusting the component set, click Apply.

5.To delete all installed components, select Remove program.

6.In the Parameters to save window, select check boxes of those components that you do not want to remove from your system. Saved objects and settings can be used by the program if it is installed again. By default, all options—Quarantine, Dr.Web Settings Agent and Protected file copies—are selected.

7.In the next window for the confirmation of deletion of Dr.Web click Remove.

8.Once you reboot your computer, the changes are applied. You can snooze the reboot by clicking Later. Click Restart now to immediately complete the procedure of Dr.Web components deletion or modification.

Uninstalling with command-line parameters

To start uninstallation of Dr.Web from the command line, enter the executable file name (win-es-agent-setup.exe) and specify necessary parameters.


The win-es-agent-setup.exe file is located in the C:\ProgramData\Doctor Web\Setup\ folder.

For example, to uninstall Dr.Web and restart the system after the process completes, use the following command:

win-es-agent-setup.exe /instMode remove /silent yes