URL Filter

URL filter controls access to websites. URL filter lets you restrict access to unwanted Internet resources. To configure URL filter, you can select specific websites or website categories.

In an attempt to open a restricted webpage, you will see a relevant notification and will not be able to access its contents.


URL filter operates in a default Android browser as well as in Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Adblock Browser, Dolphin Browser, Sputnik, and Boat Browser.

Enabling URL filter

On the application main screen, tap URL filter (see Figure 17).

URL filter may request access to Android accessibility features in order to work in one of the supported browsers. Without this access, URL filter will not be able to operate.


Figure 17. URL filter

Website categories

Dr.Web allows you to select specific website categories with a restricted access. Open the Website categories list and select necessary categories:

Non-recommended sites

Adult content

If you select this option, you will enable safe search in Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, and Rambler. It means that adult content will be completely excluded from the search results.





Obscene language

Online games



Social networks


URLs listed due to a notice from the copyright owner


Cryptocurrency mining pools


By default, URL filter restricts access to websites known as infection sources.

Black and white lists

You can configure lists of websites with restricted or permitted access. This access will not depend on other URL filter settings. By default, the lists are empty.

To add a website to a black or white list

1.In the URL filter screen, open the Black and white lists section.

2.Select a list.

3.Tap the add icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

4.Specify a website URL in any of the following formats:






You can add only specific website URLs. Adding masks or keywords is not supported.

5.Tap Add URL.

If you try to add a URL that is already on the opposite list, you will be prompted to move it.

Allow access only to websites from the white list

Enable this option to be able to view only those websites you have added to the White list. Access to other websites will be restricted.


In the central protection mode, URL filter settings can be modified and blocked for compliance with your company security policy or according to the list of purchased services.